Sound Design

Capstone Game Soundtrack

I was the sound designer and music composer for my capstone project at DePaul. The game was about a high-schooler who is not very popular that gets noticed by the popular crew. The entire game takes place on a stage as if it were a play so all of the music is done as if there were a pit orchestra playing along with the play. I made all of the music with MuLab using a MIDI keyboard and did the sound design by recording, editing, and mixing sounds in Pro Tools. Below are some examples of the work I did for the project.


In-Game Cutscene

In this scene, the main character gets rejected by the popular kid they were trying to impress. The main character gets mad and smashes a gift that the popular kid gave them earlier, then breaks down crying. As the character cries, the stage around them begins to collapse and they fall through the stage and hit the ground.


Stealth Music

This music was intended for a stealth section within the game in which the main character is stealing test answers of a teacher’s desk.


Orchestra Tune-Up

This was designed to play at the start of the game to set the scene and convey to the player that they are in a play.